Home Sweet Home {Welcome Back Lou and Barry!}

Hello all!

So as I mentioned in a previous post, I sent away Lou and Barry because their outfits were just unacceptable. Once Big Karl got his outfit dry-cleaned and Little Karl got a new suit, it was time for a Lou and Barry upgrade. If you forget what they used to look like, here’s a refresher:

Lou the lounge.

Barry the barrel chair.

Not awful, but certainly not matching with anything in our house. Their upgrades required some professional intervention, but it was well worth it. I’ve been waiting and waiting to hear from the upholsterer when they would be ready. He called today to say he was bringing them home! What joy! What elation! I felt a little strange getting so excited, but truthfully I hated the empty spots in the room and I was nervous to see my fabric choices actually put to use.

But when he opened the van doors, I was thrilled with what I saw. Barry and Lou look fantastic now!

The new Lou: all spruced up.


Barry, dressed to the nines!

I like that Lou is a bit more feminine with the print and the curves (oh la la!). The print is white, grey, and black. It breaks apart all of the other solid black pieces (like the twin chairs and Little Karl) but still goes with Big Karl and the whole room. Barry is a bit more masculine and geometric, which I’m also intensely drawn to and adore. I mean, just look at him! The upholsterer took it upon himself to add the piping along the edges. Such a fantastic little detail!

But most importantly, how do the men of the house feel about these fresh outfits?

S approves.

Truman is not allowed on these pieces of furniture (which is a bit of an adjustment for him, but I just can’t do it to Lou). He seems pleased though, if that adds to the excitement. I’ll try to add some room shots with all the pieces together once I finish a few more projects. So look out because I’m in the middle of sanding, staining, and polying the side tables and coffee table from my great grandparents. And if you NEED, I mean MUST HAVE, a sneak peek…



After! Sans hardware, but this is just a sneak peek!


What have you been up to lately? Got any good DIY stories? I’d love to hear them!




One thought on “Home Sweet Home {Welcome Back Lou and Barry!}

  1. i LOVE Barry…But Lou is simply one of those outstanding pieces of furniture that makes a house a home! You should not even let your husband lay on Lou…Kudos!!! You can’t see me right now, but i’m giving these pieces a standing ovation lol

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