Spruce Up Project {Painting Brass}

Hi everyone!

I inherited these two, super cute and well, tacky, brass swans from my grandmother. She’s kept them all this time, moving them around to different spots in her house. When they started the process of selling their house, they started cleaning out. These were two things on the list to go. But I couldn’t bear for them to just go away, they were in my great-grandparents’ house for years! So, I took the advice found on YoungHouseLove and Living Savvy to spray paint these brass beasts.

Because they weren’t originally shiny brass, I didn’t feel the need to use a de-glosser, which is nice. I did, however, clean them well to remove any dirt or grease that they could have had on them over the years. With a quick buff and cleaning, they were ready for primer. I used Valspar primer spray paint, intended for metal surfaces. Each swan needed about two coats (with an hr in between to make sure they were totally dry and even). After both coats of the primer was dry, it was time to paint with my choice of spray paint. I had left over spray paints from my medallion project, so I figured why not? Plus, I thought these swans would be cute in our entry way by the desk.  After the few, good coats of spray paint in an oasis blue, they needed to dry. I left them out, in the HOT HOT heat, and brought them in once the paint was finally dry. I tried to put them where I had originally thought they would go, but frankly, they looked a little silly. So NOW, their home is on our buffet. And I think it’s hilariously fantastic.

Finished product.

Finished product, baby size.

So? What do you think? I think they’re adorably tacky but fun. Which means they’re obviously staying right where they are (for the time being).






3 thoughts on “Spruce Up Project {Painting Brass}

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