Quick Break {Nature Style}

Another post, in one day? Absurd!

As some of you may know from my Instagram feed or my Facebook profile, S and I joined some friends for good times in the great outdoors. We packed our cars, drove two and half hours, and found ourselves at Camp B-Hive. It was our friend Brittany’s family cabin and it was AWESOME. We got their late Friday night, so other than just hanging out and getting settled on Friday, we didn’t do too much. When we woke up we were treated to a breakfast made by another friend, Jimmy, and planning for the day. We decided to go see Cucumber Falls, then hit up the Natural Waterslide.

The falls are gorgeous. They fall over 30 feet and have a nice place to climb under the falls and enjoy the water. Great way to start our day! The Natural Waterslide, though awesome, can REALLY hurt if you do not go down flat on your back. Because there had been a lot of rain in the last few weeks, the water was flowing and perfect for riding. I was a bit nervous to even try, and then felt silly watching a ton of five and six year olds go down on their own. It was definitely worth the experience, but boy does it hurt. I recommend wearing at least a pair of shorts and a shirt over your bathing suit, unless you enjoy being bruised from your vacation.

After our late morning, early afternoon adventures, we found a place to picnic in Ohiopyle. The girls found parking first, so we spent some time taking pictures of ourselves to capture the moment.

Try number one.

Try number two.

After our nice picnic with sandwiches, gatorade, and cheez-its, there was a quick game of catch at the park. Then, we decided to move on our way. We walked through town to get to the large bridge at the north most part of Ohiopyle.

Heading hiking!

This was also the perfect place to track down someone to take our group shot.

The group

We ended up mixing in a few different trails, on the easier side. We added in our own excursions to climb fallen down trees or check out a part of the river, so I’m not really sure the actual milage of the hike. When we got back into town, we treated ourselves to some tasty ice cream. This is the only part of our day’s activities that cost us anything. We brought our own groceries, so we didn’t need to eat out. Our cabin was free of charge, so no lodging payment. Plus, Cucumber Falls, the Natural Waterslide, and hiking were all free!

After our time in Ohiopyle, we heading back to the B-Hive to set up our campfire, cook dinner, and have some fun. Enter rainstorm. The guys finally got the fire up and roaring, after covering it with an umbrella AND fanning the flames with a broom.

covering the flames.

Fanning flames.

We cooked the food, enjoyed some smores and played “What’s Your’s Like.” After turning in for the evening, the next morning we cleaned the cabin, packed our things, had a great homemade breakfast and got psyched up to white water raft (read: I got progressively more terrified). But before we could leave, we had to do the necessary group pictures.

Ladies first.


Obviously excited about our day.

We drove to our meeting spot, went through all the necessary safety talks and practice runs, we headed off to raft down the Lower Yough to take on white water rafting. We were worried about the weather (it started raining as soon as we were practicing our safety techniques), we stuck it out and had a GREAT time. Here are some fantastic shots from our run. **Our raft never flipped, nor did we lose any of our rafters on this run. Pretty awesome.

Yeah, we’re that cool.

Yup, that cool.


After rafting and cleaning up, we headed home from our adventure weekend. It was awesome and I’m so glad we were able to do it. But now I’m exhausted.





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