Meet Karl and Karl {Our IKEA Friends}

As promised, I give you, my Little Karl and Big Karl post.

This is Little Karl (and Truman). He used to be bright blue.

This is Big Karl (surprisingly sans Truman). He started tan, but is now gray/black/white.


Both of these furniture pieces are from the Karlstad collection at IKEA (get the name now?). They were two of the first pieces of furniture that S and I purchased when we were starting to fill up our first apartment together. As noted in the captions, they’ve changed as we’ve changed homes. Big Karl was purchased as a buttery tan colored couch, which went perfectly with the bright blue. But as we used him, and as he aged, alas the light colored couch did not last. This was especially apparent after adopting Truman. Big hairy dog with wet hairy paws who enjoys lounging on a couch? Not good for light colors. Needless to say, soon after getting Truman, Big Karl got his current outfit, a gray/black/white cover. Though it was pricey, this is what started the “all black and white” living room kick.

Once we moved into our current home, Little Karl got relegated away from the formal living room and lived out part of his life in the family room. He was bright blue! And huge! He just didn’t go. Recently, however, I was given a very generous gift card to IKEA. Have I mentioned IKEA is one of my favorite places on Earth? It just makes me so happy, almost giddy really. I plan out my trip to IKEA, making a list of everything I need to see so that I don’t forget anything (but of course I always forget something). So this gift card was like GOLD. I was so excited to spend it and I knew exactly what I wanted to get.

Little Karl, all spruced up.

He’s made his way back up to the formal living room and I think he looks GREAT with all the other furniture. We have such an attachment to these pieces since they were some of the first things we bought as an almost married couple. I had thought about selling them, finding new things to fill their spaces, but we’re not quite ready to let them go. Plus, think of how good they look with the rest of the room now! Remember the pair of craigslist chairs I wrote about in this post?

Not to mention I’ve sent two pieces to be reupholstered to match this whole black and white scheme.  Meet Lou and Barry. These pieces were not doing it for us, so we’ve sent them away! To be spruced up. We sure would like them back. Okay?

Lou the lounge.

Barry the barrel chair.

I’m obviously great at naming things. Not obvious in the least! Anyway, we loved having these pieces but they really weren’t holding up their end of the bargain and looked very awkward in the room. I don’t trust myself to recover either piece, so I’ve sent them to a professional. Look at what their new clothes will look like!

Lou’s new outfit.

Barry’s new suit.


Is it strange that I keep referring to our furniture like people? Eh, maybe? Either way, our house is really starting to come together. Hope you enjoyed your little intro to Karl and Karl (plus Lou and Barry). I’m planning on writing up my experience recovering our dining chairs, plus a tutorial on how to paint striped curtains. Look out for those in the next couple of days!






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