A few projects, here and there.

As I mentioned before, I’ve been actively finishing a lot of projects here and there. Though they are not nearly as large as some of my projects (see: flooring), they are still projects themselves. So let’s take a look around the house! These are just a COUPLE projects, I’m sure I’ll add to the next few posts a few other little projects I’ve completed.

They’re great!

These chairs were an awesome find on craigslist. They came as a pair for $50 dollars and are great vintage pieces to have. The pillow on the left chair is actually part pillow, part photo album cover. I loved the fabric of the cover, and seeing as how the album is out free and no longer covered, I figured I would put the fabric to good use. Stuff in a pillow form and, voila! new accent pillow. It has since been moved off of that chair, but I figured I would describe it to you while you’re seeing it.

S was in desperate need of some extra storage in his office. I, a lover of mid-century modern furniture, spotted this little gem in the back section of our local Salvation Army store. It didn’t even have a price on it, so I told myself no more than $10 for it. It was in pretty rough shape and needed some love. When I asked the sales person, she said it was only $6! What a find! I took it home and had to go through a lot to get it into its current form, but it was definitely worth it.

Isn’t the painting awful?

It was originally an awful, dirty baby blue. I used gel paint stripper to take the paint off. Unfortunately, my cheap paint stripper was also a pretty affective one. It also took off the varnish that was under the paint!

No more blue paint!

Needless to say, the poor thing needed a fresh coat. S’s office is grey with bright white trim, so I thought the black would look best. I had originally planned to paint the exterior of the shelf black and then the interior cabinet a bright white, leaving the shelf black in the middle. That plan most certainly did not work. My paint didn’t adhere to it’s new home and the blue painters tape I used to try and make straight edges pulled off what paint DID stay. It was a mess. So I gave up with my fancy vision and just sprayed the whole thing black. It’s now in his office, awaiting all the books and knick-knacks that need a home.

Finished project in its new home!

Another simple fix to spruce up a room is adding curtains. Our two upstairs guest bedrooms were fine but the windows looked a bit, well…without being vulgar…naked! See the before pictures of both guest bedrooms:

Before in the blue room…

Before in the green room..

And now, the after shots!

As you can see, sometimes simple little projects also make my life a bit more difficult because I can’t just stop there. Nope, I had to move all the furniture around in that room by myself. Bah! Not a big deal! Until I barricaded myself behind a queen sized boxspring. Woops. Ever done that? Thought you could handle it and then got in wayyyy over your head? Eitherway, it was worth the effort (and sweat…and exhaustion) because I do think it looks better the new way.

I’ll spare you from reading ALL my little projects in one post, so I’ll end here. Lets call this one of…many. Especially if my Pinterest account has anything to do with it.




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