A few projects, here and there pt. 2

Since I sparred you having to read ALL my little projects in one post, I figured I’d add a second to the list of posts with which I will talk about my “little” projects.

I’ve been shopping and searching for old ceiling medallions. Not surprising, people aren’t necessarily familiar with them, nor do they just have them anywhere. Fortunately enough, I’ve managed to find a few and create a wall cluster with my medallions. Though I did not set out to have a cluster of all different colored medallions, I accidentally bought the wrong spray paint twice. And thus, I have a multi-colored wall decoration.

Clusters of color?

They are very, VERY easy to make on your own. I’ve seen them used without the mirrors and I just think they’re so cool. The project can cost as little as $15 depending on how you do it and where you get your supplies from. I first make sure that the medallion is completely cleaned off. Then, after several coats of your favorite color (with about an hr in between to make sure it’s completely dry), heat up your hot glue gun. Because I don’t trust that I could put glue on the back of the mirror and drop it perfectly centered into the medallion, I actually line up the medallion and mirror, flip over and glue from the back. I am always afraid that something will fall apart without enough glue, so I glue the whole seam around the mirror to the medallion.

Across the foyer/entryway of our house, I finally found a frame that fit one of my mom’s old prints she made in college. She explained that she had used a photographic image of leaves on the ground, and then decided on these colors. They match our accent colors, and the medallions, perfectly! She’s not really sure why she chose these colors, especially because she hates yellow, but hey– it looks great in the house.

Print across the hall. Great color coordination!

I’ve also acquired an awesome vintage army trunk for my birthday (thanks S!) which has made its home as our new coffee table in the family room. We were overflowing with DVDs and Blu Ray Discs, so much so they didn’t fit in our tv stand. Thankfully, think trunk was just the right thing! I was even able to organize and put the TV series or movie series together so they’re easier to find. Now the tv stand can hold all the remotes, controllers, and video games that usually float around the room. Wahoo!

Closed to use as a coffee table…

Open as a home to all our DVDs and Blu Rays!

Now I will leave you, but with a quick tease about the upcoming post. I hope you’re excited to meet Big Karl and Little Karl! They’re special people in my life! Well, that’s kind of a stretch…



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