New flooring!

So we have a new floor!

When we moved into this house (it’s already been a whole year!) I remarked how ugly and “builder grade” the vinyl flooring was in the entryway. Our crown-moulding and picture frame moulding is just lovely, but…the floor was a bit of a let down. Truman makes a mess of it with his fur (because a white floor picks up ALL dirt), so I’d spend a lot of time scrubbing to try and make it look halfway decent.

He’s a big help, obviously.

I didn’t really think we had a lot of options on a budget. And while we’re still planning on eventually laying hardwood floors on the stairs and second floor, the entryway was low-priority. So I let it be. My distain for the awful 1990’s pattern grew over the year, until my mother re-did her awful vinyl flooring in my parent’s old home. She was a one-woman working crew and laid a whole vinyl floor for the pantry. I figured that with two people this job, it wouldn’t take too much effort.

I wonder what they thought of me at LOWES? On my second…third trip of the week?

Boy was I wrong. S and I picked an awesome “crushed shell” color and I set out the purchase all the materials. Eight boxes later, I was totally ready to go. We needed to fully clean the floor, remove all the quarter round moulding, and get to work. This is where I underestimated how difficult this project would be. It took several hours to do the normal, squared pieces. The cutting was an overwhelming time suck. After several hours one day and an entire evening, we still weren’t finished. And if you know me, I hate leaving things unfinished. So, after worrying about making mistakes, I pushed myself to finish the floors, paint the moulding, and re-install it over the new floors.

Because this project turned out so nicely (although time consuming), I’ve decided to tackle the half bath on the second floor. Hey, it also had the awful flooring. So I can’t keep looking at that sub-par floor knowing how nice it COULD look! Plus, I may or may not have roped my mom into another project…

Either way, the final product looks great and I’m SO pleased with how it turned out. I think it really looks great, vinyl or not.

Lookin’ gooooood!

What do you think? Lookin’ good?!


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