New flooring: Number 2!

As you saw in my previous post, “New Flooring,” my mother and I spent a significant amount of time on the flooring in our entryway. And, as you may or may not know about me, I can’t stand leaving projects unfinished. After finishing that headache of a floor, I decided that the next project to tackle was the same ugly flooring in our half-bath/powder room on the second level. My mother said it would take way longer and be a huge pain, especially since we were cutting around the toilet and sink. But fortunately it didn’t take nearly as long as I expected.

Getting the floor ready!

See how UGLY it was? Knowing that my mom was coming, I prepped the floors by pulling off all the moulding and painting it ahead of time. This helped because then it was ready to be re-installed while my mom was finishing the caulking around the curves.

Always important, planning and laying out the tile.

Easiest to lay and stick the whole tiles first.

Now for around the toilet…

And as I said, it actually took a lot less time. Maybe we were getting better at it? Maybe it was just such a small space that it really wasn’t as daunting as we thought? Either way, we only spent a few hours on it total, which was great. It was even more of a relief when we stuck down that last tile and said “what’s next?” and there wasn’t anything next! Such a huge payoff for a little work. I think it looks GREAT now. It’s still hard to get used to, because I’ve been so accustomed to the ugly grid/sheet vinyl.


I feel like a choir of angels should sing at the sight of this awesome tile. Kidding, but it does look good, right?!

So now that we’ve tackled those two massive projects, so begins my other DIY projects on my summer list. I have another post about all the little projects I’ve been working on, which will appear on here soon, but I’ve also got plans to sand down and re-stain three pieces of furniture. Not to mention, we’re sending two living room pieces to the upholsterer to have their fabric redone. So excited!

And if you’ve just asked yourself, “But Ashley, what was Truman doing to help this floor project?” Here’s your answer:




PS- For both the entryway AND the bathroom flooring, I spent less than $200. The boxes of tile were about $20 and I thought I needed 8 for the entryway. Turned out we were so good at placing and cutting, that I only needed 7. That saved me a whole box to use on the bathroom and I only needed to buy one more. Some people like to grout around the edges, but we purposefully put the seams AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE as to not need grout. So luckily, I was able to return the grout and get my money back. Plus, I already had the other necessary items (pencil, exacto knife, yard stick, ruler). So it’s easy AND pretty cheap.


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